’A room within a room’ – exhibition during Stockholm Design Week 2016

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During Stockholm Design Week, Makeda will, together with molo by Greenworks and Pellington Design, transform the lobby of hotel Scandic Malmen. By experimenting with materials, shapes, and structures, we explore the possibilities of creating a room within a room.

Using modular walls and seats from molo, as well as the shelving system Confetti, asymmetrical spaces are created decorated with sound-absorbing rugs from Makeda´s latest collection, Repeat.

As always, the patterns of Makeda are inspired by shapes found in nature. This time the patterns of a shield bug, common in Sweden during summer, is duplicated and manipulated. The result is three rugs which each resemble different pattern traditions: the Swedish folklore style allmoge, early 20th-century Art Nouveau, and the geometric and mathematical patterns of arabic tiles.

Shoowroom open everyday, February 8th – 13th
Welcome to our cocktail event on Thursday 11th, 17-21
Where: Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51