Exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week

The exhibition Hide and Seek – things are not what they seem, in collaboration with jewellery artist Märta Mattsson, travels to Munich for Munich Jewellery Week in March. Four pieces from the large rug will be exhibited, together with Märta’s jewellery, in the window of gallery 84 GHz – Raum …


Exhibition together with jewellery artist Märta Mattsson

Hide and Seek – things are not what they seem

Galleri Sebastian Schildt
Strandvägen 5B, Stockholm

Open 22 April – 14 May
Vernissage Saturday 22/4 12.00 – 16.00, artist talk Tuesday 25/4.


In nature camouflage can be sheltering and protective, but it also creates mystery – an optical …


New showroom in Stockholm

Makeda´s new showroom in Stockholm is now open!

The space will also function as a design studio run by Anna Forsberg, Stina Lanneskog, Åsa Elmehed and Jenny Markstedt, creating a platform for different design projects and events.


Address: Birkagatan 1, Stockholm, Sweden…