Exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week


The exhibition Hide and Seek – things are not what they seem, in collaboration with jewellery artist Märta Mattsson, travels to Munich for Munich Jewellery Week in March. Four pieces from the large rug will be exhibited, together with Märta’s jewellery, in the window of gallery 84 GHz – Raum für Gestaltung.

When: 8-11 of March
Where: Gallery 84 GHz – Raum für Gestaltung, Georgenstraße 84, Munich
More information: http://www.munichjewelleryweek.com/event/still-a-life/

What are we humans trying to signal to each other, through dressing our bodies and our homes? Questioning the perfect balance of survival—blending in or standing out—Anna and Märta’s Hide & Seek collection is functional, as well as conceptual, voicing a critique against the perception of what a rug and a piece of jewellery mutually can unveil.